Smart City IoT solution
  • For Smart Grids and utilities
  • For environmental monitoring
  • For safety and security
Industrial Internet of Things for enterprises
  • For Oil and Gas industry
  • For Smart Agriculture
  • For Monitoring and Alarm systems
  • For Retail and Warehouse services
  • For Smart Energy projects
  • For Transport and Logistic
  • For Industrial production
Wireless solution for Smart Grids
  • For electricity transmission companies
  • For electricity distribution companies
  • For utility management companies
Wireless solution for Smart Water Metering
  • For water supply companies
  • For utility management companies
Wireless solution for Advanced Gas Metering
  • For gas supply companies
  • For utility management companies

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WAVIoT IoT solutions

WAVIoT offers LPWAN-based IoT solutions for a wide range of industries requiring energy-efficient and long-distance data transmission with autonomous work, easy installation of devices, and fast ROI.

WAVIoT IoT solutions consist of NB-Fi devices with built-in transceiver, NB-Fi modems for wireless data collection from utility meters, gauges and sensors, IoT Platform and Meter Data Management system. WAVIoT can customize its devices, NB-Fi modems and IoT Platform according to customer requirements.

WAVIoT IoT devices and solutions are based on the NB-Fi technology – an LPWAN protocol that was developed by WAVIoT and designed for secure wireless transmission of small volumes of data over long distances with low energy consumption.

With vast experience in IoT, WAVIoT offer NB-Fi based IoT solutions for Smart Grids, Smart Utilities, Smart City, Smart Agriculture and IIoT projects that enable efficient data exchange with devices and machines, and ensure integration of automation in enterprise-level IT systems. With NB-Fi modems, WAVIoT can get your devices connected to the WAVIoT IoT Platform and rapidly develop any kind of industrial application.

With WAVIoT utility meters and NB-Fi modems, you can easily build the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Automated Meter Reading (AMR) projects for transmission and distribution companies, utility management companies and city government bodies.

Big Data and analytics for urban security, environmental monitoring, and waste management improve the safety and security of peoples and reduce the levels of pollution and environmental impact.

WAVIoT IoT solutions can be deployed in a corporate enterprise network and integrated via API with various IT systems.