In many countries, Smart metering devices are installed as part of AMI and Smart Grid projects executed by transmission and distribution companies, and also by the government. At the same time, smart electricity meters open a number of new opportunities for customers and consumers. Remote meter data readings may be supplemented with the control of power quality parameters and multi-tariff calculations, which allow consuming energy more efficiently and saving energy costs. In addition, smart electricity meters with remote automated meter reading allow energy companies to effectively detect and prevent theft of electric energy, as well as identify sources of loss, which, in turn, improves the quality of electricity and reliability of transmission services.

Positive examples of the implementation of Smart Grid projects in different countries show that it is possible to reduce the level of electricity losses in the grid by 20% of the total energy supply. Funds saved thanks to the reduction of losses can be used to implement Smart Grid infrastructure projects – installation of smart electricity meters, retrofitting of existing metering devices, launching of new services.

Architecture of WAVIoT Smart Grid system

WAVIoT Smart Grid consists of WAVIoT electricity meters with built-in two-way communication NB-Fi module, and base stations or gateways that transmit data to WAVIoT IoT Platform and / or to the customer’s Data Collection platform, AMI platforms or enterprise applications. Standard electricity meters can be connected to the NB-Fi network with NB-Fi modems using RS-485 or RS-232 interface.

WAVIoT Smart Grid with WAVIoT single-phase and three-phase electricity meters and NB-Fi modems enable real time collection of data on electricity supply and demand during the transmission and distribution process, making monitoring, generation, consumption and maintenance more efficient.

NB-Fi makes it possible to collect data even in places where the network coverage of mobile operators is unstable, or where there is no economic efficiency in deploying such coverage. WAVIoT base stations allow quick rollout of an NB-Fi network covering 5 kilometers and more.

NB-Fi network for the WAVIoT Smart Grid project can be quickly deployed in any area – it only takes a few hours to install a base station. NB-Fi devices allow quick deployment of Smart Grid systems and ensure 100% data collection from devices.WAVIoT IoT platform can be installed in the corporate network and integrated with corporate AMI or enterprise system through WAVIoT API.

The user-friendly WAVIoT Meter Data Management (MDM) system shows consumption reports from the electricity meters for any period, calculates net energy consumption from the grid and households’ energy balance, displays momentary readings from electricity meters, vector diagram of voltage and current for the three-phase WAVIoT electricity meters. WAVIoT MDM system also allows controlling the electricity meters by sending the commands for bulk switch-off and updating the tariff schedule.

Interface of WAVIoT MDM system for smart meters
Vector diagram of voltage and current for the WAVIoT electricity meters

WAVIoT products for Smart Grid systems

WAVIoT power meters are a reliable solution for your Smart Grid project. The single-phase and three-phase meters are also available in outdoor modifications (“Split system” – the meters are installed on utility poles with remote displays that are supplied separately).

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