IoT solutions for Smart Cities based on NB-Fi allow municipalities and utilities to make faster and better decisions that will lead to greater efficiency, safety and quality of life for people. More comprehensive and real-time data from devices, sensors and gauges gives the ability to monitor events, collect, analyze and use data to improve processes and optimize the consumption of valuable resources.

WAVIoT solution for Smart Cities consists of NB-Fi devices and sensors connected to the NB-Fi network, specific applications that use the raw data from WAVIoT IoT platform and generates reports or alerts for municipalities, utility companies and service companies.

Typical Smart Cities use cases

Low-power NB-Fi technology ensures up to 10 years of independent operation of devices with base station coverage of up to 10 kilometers in urban areas. Using a single NB-Fi network for various Smart City applications is a cost-effective solution that allows cities to have complete control of the network and data, and to manage sensors and devices with a low Total Cost of Ownership.

Architecture of WAVIoT solution for Smart City

WAVIoT IoT solutions for Smart Cities consist of devices with built-in NB-Fi transceivers, NB-Fi modems connected to sensors, gauges and existing utility meters, NB-Fi base stations or gateways and also a WAVIoT IoT platform that collects data and controls the NB-Fi devices providing data to Smart City applications. The system is easily scalable by installing additional base stations without limiting the number of connected devices.

Deploying NB-Fi network infrastructure with WAVIoT base stations

  • WAVIoT base stations show one of the largest coverages – average NB-Fi network coverage is between 5 and 10 km in a dense urban area
  • NB-Fi network can be quickly deployed in any area – it only takes a few hours to install a base station
  • NB-Fi operates in unlicensed ISM bands and does not require the customers to obtain a permit from regulators to use the devices
Every day one base station can receive messages from many thousands of devices.

The best place to install WAVIoT NB-Fi base stations is a roof of the tallest building available in the area.

WAVIoT Smart city

WAVIoT IoT system can be deployed in a corporate enterprise network and integrated via API with various IT systems.

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