WAVIoT offer customized IIoT projects – we will develop new IoT devices and adapt our solutions to individual requirements

With vast experience in IoT, WAVIoT design end-to-end IIoT industrial applications to help businesses implement efficient solutions that enable data exchange with devices and machines, and ensure integration of automation in enterprise-level IT systems. With NB-Fi modems based on our NB-Fi transceiver, we can get your devices connected to the WAVIoT IoT Platform and rapidly develop any kind of industrial application.

Continuous collection, monitoring and analysis of data from machines, gauges and sensors, consumption of raw materials and electricity, and remote monitoring of the infrastructure helps to reduce costs and improve the reliability of production process. name
name The IoT-based smart farming system for collection and analysis of data from sensors (soil moisture, humidity, temperature) and for automation of the irrigation system helps farmers monitor the field conditions, improve the quality of decision-making and reduce the losses.
The IIoT solutions for remote monitoring of transportation and storage conditions, asset tracking and preventing product theft for supply chains, alarm systems and employee safety improve the business processes and prevent hazards. name

Architecture of WAVIoT IIoT Solutions

Sensors and gauges that are used in manufacturing processes, in agriculture, for tracking of assets, etc., can be interfaced with NB-Fi modem that will log the data and send it to WAVIoT IoT platform. Customers will be able to monitor and analyze data using standard or specialized WAVIoT applications. Data can also be transferred to third-party applications via WAVIoT IoT platform's API. WAVIoT IoT platform can be deployed in a private enterprise network.

Architecture of WAVIoT IIoT Solutions

NB-Fi and WAVIoT IoT platform provide bidirectional communication (uplink and downlink messages) that allow developing NB-Fi devices with the ability to control them.

Low-power consumption of NB-Fi radiomodules ensures autonomous operation of NB-Fi devices for a long period of time, which allows customers to use them in remote locations and with little maintenance costs.

NB-Fi wireless protocol for IoT devices is designed for secure data exchange with full end-to-end encryption between the end devices and the server and ensures confidentiality and integrity of the transmitted information.

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